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Tax Returns

Personal or small business (company, partnership and sole trader)

Insurance/Mortgage Brokers

Access to a selection of insurance/mortgage brokers if you need to apply for a loan or refinance an existing one.


Set-up and auditing of your own super fund.


Including access to web designers, copywriters and photographers who understand your needs as an escort, dancer, masseuse and all aspects as sex worker’s.


For late tax lodgements or ‘tricky’ cases with the ATO (including negotiation of payment plans) we may be able to save you substantial fines and/or fees.


We can help you to set up an ABN, explain taxation record-keeping requirements and advise you on strategy to stay on top of your tax and business.


…for new and existing clients – for the purposes of finance applications or rental applications.


We can assist with the application to have your ABN details suppressed if you feel it may be necessary.


As a successful adult industry entrepreneur, you know that being prepared is essential for success.

As tax time approaches, having your financial affairs well-ordered relieves much of the stress associated with the end of the financial year, as well as making it easier for you to minimise your tax payments. Whether you’re an escort seeking income verification, a Dominatrix looking for an experienced agent to assist with your tax return and for all sex workers, it’s important to always be on top of your bookkeeping.


We at Adult Services Accounting are well-equipped to help you succeed. We have worked closely as tax agents and accountants with many successful sex workers, porn performers and entertainers to achieve great financial outcomes for both their personal and business finances, offering business advice, income verification, bookkeeping, tax returns and more.
We’re experienced, aware and respectful of your specific industry needs. Whether for tax returns, business accounting or general taxation advice, we can offer a helping hand to Australian escorts and sex workers of kinds. Get in touch today to see how Adult Services Accounting can assist with services such as sex worker bookkeeping, escort’s, stripper and all adult industry worker tax returns and more.


“Given my work as a stripper, I wasn’t sure who to see about my taxes and so let them build up for a couple of years.. It was a great relief to find someone who specialises in working with artists, performers and sex workers. James got the job done quickly and easily, and was super patient with my erratic schedule. Lovely guy, very easy to chat to about work and he was well-informed and knowledgeable about the industry, knowing exactly what I could and couldn’t claim for – picking up on things even I hadn’t thought of. He offers discretion while being genuine – I’d highly recommend him to anyone working in the adult industry.”
“ASA was the first place I turned to when I needed to get my finances in order. Going out on your own in business is hard enough, and it gets even more difficult when confronted with the stigma attached to sex work. As an escort, I find that many financial institutions aren’t welcoming and don’t know how to address my needs as a business person. The best way to get around this has been to have James in my corner! He helped me out with verification of income so that I could apply for a loan, and also gave me tons of great advice about my tax return and what I could claim to lower my tax bill. He genuinely cares for the success of my business and has always made me feel respected, supported and welcome.”
Georgie WolfVICTORIA
Georgie Wolf
“As a pro-domina, I have so many “out-of-the-ordinary” deductions, and in the past I’ve had accountants which were a bit embarrassed dealing with my business. Jimmy is so open minded and respectful. I’ve never felt awkward around him. So, managing practical business is a breeze. On top of it, he’s attentive and goes beyond the call of duty to provide the best service for his clients. I lived overseas for 3 years, so communication with Jimmy was always out of Australian business hours. He was always amenable and patient to suit my schedule. I’m grateful for his continued dedication to my business accounting needs.”
“I have James from ASA look after all my financial and accounting needs for the last few years and his advice has proven to be invaluable in getting me the best return’s. He has proven to be an asset to my business recently when he ensured that incorrect fines from the tax office were removed from my account as quickly as possible. I would recommend ASA for all tax & accounting purposes.”

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Our office is based in Leichhardt (Inner West Sydney), and we welcome face-to-face visits. However, our experienced tax agents also service clients all over Australia and in some cases overseas – we can work with you via email, text and phone calls if you’re too busy to visit us in person. In the case of larger businesses or groups of clients (such as groups who need their individual tax returns prepared), we may also travel Australia-wide – please let us know if this is of interest.

For a speedy reply, please fill out our contact form and we will be in touch using the preferred method of contact you have selected. If you would like to hear from us by phone, please indicate the best time to call in the comments box – we are available during and outside business hours.

Our contact details will also be automatically emailed to you once you complete the contact form, and while we are happy to communicate via email, an initial 15 minute call is required to establish your needs.

Initial 15-minute phone consultations are offered FREE of charge.

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If you have a gmail account please check your spam or junk folder for our emails to you. Gmail has changed the spam/junk rules and we know from some clients our emails are going to junk/spam until you approve our emails as safe sender)