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What can you really claim as a tax deduction

What can you really claim?

I had a conversation with a new client the other day and they had come to me based on a recommendation by someone they knew, but also because another person they dealt with in the course of work had very confidently told her this.

“I make over 200k and I don’t pay any tax. I make sure I claim everything, I claim my meals, cigarettes, ubers when I go out with friends in the city etc”

My client loved the idea of those claims but did question the reality of it so she contacted me.

I’m sure this person meant well but unfortunately if they were investigated then cigarettes would be the first problem and that would just inspire further investigation which would then pick up going out with friends at a minimum and likely get more claims rejected.


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It is not all doom and gloom and there are lots of things you can claim in the adult industry, in lots of case that no other professions ever could. However, there are also standard things that apply to all jobs for things you can claim and can’t. To give you an idea if you use your phone to contact clients, make appointments etc then you can claim some or perhaps all of your phone expenses.

Electricians do this as much as an escort could and the ATO would have no issue with this although it does have some requirements attached. However, if someone is a bar attendant or working in one brothel then it is unlikely you have any need to use your phone for work so it would probably not be claimable.

Claims for the adult industry vary widely even between a cam performer a Dominatrix, Master or switch and even between escorts and workers in a brothel. There are many other variations of jobs in the adult industry and they are all treated differently.

In summary there are so many things that could be claimed in one situation but not another so seek a professional to assist you with getting it right and keeping the ATO away. An apple just won’t do it!