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My partner, kids, parents, University, Tafe or day job can’t know what I do.

The is a very common aspect of the adult industry and has to be taken into account by you and also by me as a tax agent. As an example, this website and blog is simply a way to get you the information you need to set up your business, do your tax and potentially get a new rental, buy a car, find a house and get you from hiding money in a safe under the bed to being able to spend your money where you want and when you want. If we start working together you will never see an invoice, receipt or anything that’s says adult services accounting on it, it will come from a regular boring accounting company.

Some of my clients are more than happy for anyone to know so this does not really impact on them at all and in some case’s I do the tax for my clients who might be an escort, a stripper or any of the many possibilities in the adult industry and their partners who might be a white collar manager, in retail sales or the CEO of a major company. In one instance and I have their permission to say this I do taxes for an escort, her father and his girlfriend.

The above as you can see is not unheard of but it is not as common as it should be if the world was more accepting.

Because of all of the above I have spoken to the ATO many times about this exact circumstance and they do have an understanding about it. My job is to get everything done correctly so you get all your deductions, the ATO gets their so-called fair share of your income and at the same time protect your privacy.

The only person who you will discuss this with is me and I won’t discuss it with anyone unless you give me permission.

Feel free to get in contact to discuss through the contact page or call the number above.