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Covid 19 July and now August lockdown

Assistance with business grants

For those not in Sydney or anywhere that is not in lockdown, I envy you and for those of you in Greater Sydney we all know it’s a nightmare.

As I am sure you are aware there are grants and assistance being thrown out all over the place and its seems to change every day. In fact it doesn’t seem to change in some cases it actually does.

There seem to be three constants one is the comparison period which is the same period in 2019 compared to 2021, the second is the 2020 year to show what your earnings are to work out which grant you might be eligible for, this will require your tax return/s to have been completed or all your BAS for the same period which we can help with if you haven’t done them.

The last thing which is required is in most cases is a sign off letter by your accountant which we can provide but we can’t provide it if the grant/benfit is changing or on the various websites it says more information to come or application date to be announced. Its is frustrating for all of us, and we are looking at the same information you are so if the website say apply at the end of the month/by a certain date or more information to come there is nothing more that we can tell you so we all have to wait.

If you have all the information ready for comparison periods etc then there is nothing we can do but wait just like you. If you’re not ready with tax returns etc then please contact us to get them done, but if you are ready please keep an eye on the government covid websites and when it says they are ready for applications or require specific information then lets begin.

The last thing that’s worth a mention is just because someone in government says it in one of the many television interviews they are making doesn’t make it true or ready to apply for. One glaring example is the 2021-Covid-19 Business grant which had specific dates for almost a week including the morning I was preparing it for a client. By the time it was ready to go in the afternoon the government had changed their mind. (My client who was eligible in the morning was not eligible by that afternoon)

In short the best source of information is the government websites and when they say do this, get that and apply now then that’s the time to get in contact and we can help, before that we have exactly the same information and source of information as you do.

We look forward to helping in this difficult time.