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Tax Return Time 2022

Its coming up to that dreaded time of the year where the ATO is either asking for your overdue tax returns or in less than a month its time to start again on the 2022 tax return.

A few things worth noting are if you are not registered with a tax agent your return is due by 31st of October but if you are you can get an extension based on your tax agents extensions. Unfortunately, there is another aspect to this which is if you are already late with your earlier tax returns the extension applied by your tax agent can’t be applied so we are back at 31st October again.

As a sex worker from stripper, escort, massage or Onlyfans performer and everything in between you have probably been forced out of work over the last few years so didn’t have the money or inclination to do your tax return unless you quickly pivoted to cam work or that was your business model originally.

With all of the above in mind ASA has been working with adult workers for years and have experience in getting you up to date and also getting you through any issues the tax office may throw at you.

One way of doing this is we offer a business consultation which shows you how to keep records, how to run your business and what you can claim, can’t claim or can only claim in certain circumstances. This is something that a lot of clients like because it shows them what they need to do and also makes their tax returns cheaper since they already know what is required which saves money at tax return time. If you already have a good understanding, we can just process your return/returns and if there are any issues that come up we can work with you to get through it.

We look forward to hearing from you.